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Haven Research Center (HRC) manufacturing consulting

Haven Research Center

Manufacturing Consulting

HRC expedites growth and reduces the risk for existing companies and individuals developing, manufacturing, and distributing cosmetics and personal care products.  HRC provides consulting, education, and training services in the areas of Product Development, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), Equipment Sourcing, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance.

Our Founder, Margaret Haven
Haven Research Center was founded by Margaret Haven.  Haven has over 45 years of cosmetic production and quality oversight experience.  Margaret Haven has personally formulated several multi-million dollar products including Sofn'Free Curl Activator, the original African Best line, as well as products for AAA Shea Butter and Jamaican Mango and Lime brands.  She enjoys working with large-scale manufacturing facilities as well as individuals who produce products at home or in small to midsize labs.

Indie Beauty Membership

In 2020, Haven Research Center partnered with the Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC PRO) to create ANHC Indie Beauty Membership.  A team of beauty industry experts including a Business Operations Consultant, a Marketing Executive, a Certified Public Accountant, an Intellectual Property Attorney,  Product Development & Claims Substantiation Consultant as well as Margaret Haven to help cosmetic and personal care product companies thrive.  


Join today to get the professional support you need to take your hair care brand to the next level.

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